No software for the hardware

By harpjw
Apr 12, 2009
  1. On a Dell Inspiron B130 with Windows XP. I've reinstalled XP, from a Reinstallation CD XP Professional Service Pack 2. I keep getting a Wizard message that says my Hardware, Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI Device, Video Controller, Video Controller (VGA Compatible) can't be installed because the software can't be found. Also, I have uninstalled the Ghost Devices and rebooted several times and they keep reappearing. I can't establish a internet connection, DSL.
  2. Matthew

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    Go to your PC manufacturer's web page and search for your model. You just need to install your device drivers.
  3. harpjw

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    Went there, provided the number from the back of the Dell. Then the Key number, also on the back. I'm back in business, Thanks
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