No sound coming from my work PC

By treetops
Jan 26, 2013
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  1. I am on my work computer training. I am at a hotel alone, the manager is not answering the phone. So yeah when its slow I am supposed to go throught the work training program. The thing is no damn sound comes out of this pc. I looked at the system sound in control panel its up, I tried other apps, no sound. I looked at the device drivers, they look fine.

    In hardware and sound it lists speaker, I have it selected as default the volume is set properly. There are 2 other sound devices I tried both of them and no sound. I selected only show connected sound devices.

    However upon inspecting the pc there is no speaker plugged in and from what I can tell the monitor has no sound. What the smell? Ill ask my manager in 5 hours... but I thought maybe someone had an idea here, I googled how to use my phone as a speaker but only came up with dead ends.

    ps mm looks like windows updates is off, gonna give this beezy a tune up
  2. St1ckM4n

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    Buy some headphones and plug em in?

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