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Aug 12, 2007
  1. I just installed a new hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition.
    I have limited system sound, but no sound for music, etc.
    I found a list of about 5 sound drivers, but have no clue as to how to install one. I had this computer built for me about 5 years ago so don't have an instruction manual.
    Thanks for your help.
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    Are we talking about all sound, or the sound from a CD or DVD player. When you go to Start->Control Panel->Sounds and Audio Devices->Sound->Default Beep then click on the little triangle at the bottome, do you hear nothing?
    Look in the other tabs for Sound to see if any Mute boxes are checked.
    Are the volume sliders in each tab up near the top.
    When you go to Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager then scroll down to Sound, Video, and Games Controller, do you see any red or yellow flags alerting you to problems.

    Some computers transfer sound down the EIDE cable. Others require a separate small cable from the CD or DVD to a socket on the board. See if you have any of these cables pulled loose by removing and reseating them.

    As for sound drivers, you can download a free program called Everest, or another from called Belarc Advisor. Either will tell you what your sound card or sound port is, then you can go to the manufacturer's site for that motherboard and download the drivers. Usually the instructions are included. Basically, you just click on the driver to allow it to install. You can use the part number in the center part of the motherboard so you know which board to search for drivers.
    If you have bad luck there, do a Google search for the unit you discovered in Everest or Belarc above, then go to that driver site. If all those don't pan out, you can go to and search for free audio drivers... a bit more difficult to install but sound is no big problem.
    I guarantee you will find sound drivers. they are everywhere. If you have trouble, send us the part number of the motherboard, or the information you got from the Everest or Belarc site.
  3. cowgirlup914

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    Thanks for your help. I ran Everest and my sound card is an SiS 7012 Audio Device. I tried to install it but keep getting an error message. I am still getting system sounds, but nothing from CD's or music on the Internet.
  4. raybay

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    These sometimes work:
    Be sure you know where the driver install is so you can access it, then go to Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager then disable or remove the old driver. Sometimes you can also disable them in Sounds and Audio Devices, where you can also see a list of all drivers already installed.
    Next, reboot to SAFE MODE, and try once again to install.
    Otherwise, try other driver download sites, as there are a lot of corrupted drivers.
  5. cowgirlup914

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    Still no sound

    I spend a good portion of the day yesterday trying to download the sound driver. It is a SiS 7012 audio device. I think I read on one of the sites that it won't work with Windows XP. Before my hard drive crashed, it worked fine.
    Every site I tried to download it from, I got an error message after it started loading.
    Should I just give up and buy a new driver?
    This is what I got from the report from Everest:
    Motherboard is: ECS K7S5A Pro
    If you need anymore info, let me know and I'll read the report again.

    I really appreciate your patience through all of this.
  6. raybay

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    The first choice would be to go to the support or download site at ECS. But if no help there, your sound is common and a google search should take you to other sites for a try on a different, but related, driver.
    I show: Sound
    C-Media CMI9738/4CH AC'97 CODEC 2 Channel

    I would look at the RealTek AC'97 driver as a possiblity, as it works with a great number. Also take another look at SiS and ECS for the sound drivers for AC'97 Codec. also has free drivers that will work.

    A Google search for XP sound drivers for AC'97 will get you what you need.
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