"Not in optimum mode" (Recommended mode 1440x900 60Hz)

Hi everyone,

I've recently bought a new Samsung SyncMaster 940NW widescreen monitor for my desktop PC.
I am really having a hard time with setting up the proper screen resolution for it. Whenever I try to adjust the resolution in Display Settings, a pop up from the monitor appears with a message: "Not in optimum mode" (Recommended mode 1440x900 60Hz)".
1440x900 is not even listed as a resolution in the display settings and every other choice is making my screen to look stretched or not alligned properly with black bars from the both side.

I've tried to set up a custom resolution using the nVidia Control Panel, the screen fits well but it's kinda looks washed out making the text blurry and barely readable. I tried both 60Hz and 75Hz but I got the same effect.

My PC is running nVidia GTX750 Graphic Card and the monitor is connected to it using VGA to DVI adapter.
Display drivers are up to date.

Any tips or suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.




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The spot where you are picking resolutions suggest that you might need the Nvidia Control Panel which comes along with the video driver from the Nvidia website. Just Google 'Nvidia' and then you will see 'Geforce drivers' ..click that then on the drop down menu select 700 series then product series 'GTX 750" click 'Start Search'. Install that and reboot. You should get a Nvidia Control Panel in the bottom right tray that you can use.