NTLDR is Missing

By abfhand
Apr 15, 2007
  1. I attempted to use the 6 diskette setup disks to install xp on this new intel board - d945GPM and it got as far as the formatting of the harddrive and after the partitioning was finished got this error message.......

    ''The following value in the .sif file used by setup is corruped or missing.

    Value O on the line in section [source disk files]

    Setup cannot continue.

    I rebooted and the NTLDR is missing is back......... ?????

    Have the intel board cd but can't download the drivers from it. It just now recognized the hard drive from other attempts. I went in and changed the Raid to IDE and it went thru the motions and got the above error. Anyone know anything about this? Appreciate any help.

    Celeron D 3.0
    Corsair XMS DDR2 512
    Seagate 250 gb Sata HD
  2. aby7!

    aby7! TS Rookie

    HELLO FRIENDS ! Perform a repair Installation by using the cd or do a manual system restore in recovery console.
  3. abfhand

    abfhand TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hello. I couldn't do anything because when you booted the puter it just said ntdlr is missing... wouldn't let you go any further. I did finally get the xp to load with the 6 floppy diskette setup disks and by making another partition and xp loaded.. thanks.
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