nVidia explains 5800 Ultra blower.

By olefarte
May 30, 2003
  1. In my roaming around the web this morning, I came across this interview with nVidia's European Marketing Manager, Adam Foat at Boomtown. He explains some of the company's thoughts in the development of the 5800 Ultra and it's blower fan. He says the engineers at nVidia actually thought high end gamers would like the sound of the high volume blower on the card. They looked at this as a plus. He says even he was surprised the first time he heard one of these cards fired up in a computer.

    He also talks about the "cheating" issue in the 3D Mark 03 benchmarks. nVidia still doesn't believe the test is appropriate, as relates to actual gaming, but acknowledges it's cards and drivers will have to work on this test because the test is a standard among gamers. When asked to comment on the competition from ATi, he declined to comment, accept, to acknowldge what ATi has achieved this year and to say that nVidia will be back to take the lead once again.

    Mr. Foat, as well as most of us here, say that the way games play in real life, is the best way to judge a cards character.

    Read the whole article hear
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    Thanks Olefart, that was intresting :)
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