NVIDIA GeForce 5700 LE

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Feb 20, 2005
  1. I have just installed MOH PA and it runs slow as hell. I dont get what the problem is. I have a P4 2.7 GHz, 760 MB RAM, 320 gig hd, which is 90% empty, and the n-vidia geforce 5700 LE card with 256 MB on-board. I have the latest driver for the video card. Brand new intel motherboard that does infact support my processor. My computer is free of spyware and/or adware (i run adaware, microsoft anti-spyware, and all tests in norton systemworks 2005 including anti-virus every night, so i know my computer is clean). I also defrag using diskeeper daily. I have ram optimizers installed so i always coast at around 500 MB free. I always have a ton of programs running however most of them run in the background and do not show any processor usage in the task manager. When i run the game, it shows 100% cpu usage. my bus is 533. The geforce 5700 LE should be powerful enough to run the game fine at even very high resolutions, but it still runs bad at 800 by 600. I had experienced similar problems with Prince of Persia the warrior within, and some slow down in Doom 3. I am very pissed at how much work i've been putting into upgrading my pc and keeping it running well, and stuff like those games still dont run well. Can anyone help me figure this out, and perhaps suggest tweaks/upgrades (hardware) i could do to my computer to make it run faster?
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    For WMVlad007

    Remove your defraggers and RAM boosters and other unnecessary utilities! Instead, disable some of the unneeded services in Win XP Pro to speed up your system (lots of them in the background when you boot up Windows)- try a utility called XP Lite to make this easy. Norton is really a memory hog. Instead of using it and your firewall prog, why don't you try using a free version of AVG Antivirus and Zone Alarm. They're much lighter loading. I also have an FX5700 in my P4 3.0 and it runs great. If you're running Doom 3, upgrade your memory to at least 1 GB. Also, download the latest Direct X version. By the way, is your hard drive SATA?
  3. WMVlad007

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    I have no choice but to keep all of my defrag and firewall programs, because i move large amounts of data constantly off and onto the web, i need to keep defragging my HD, which yes, is SATA. You are saying upgrade the memory, but even when i quit the game using the windows key (still having the game run in the background) my memory meters still show about 200 MB free. any other suggestions?
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    A card like that needs a high power PSU - what wattage is yours?
  5. WMVlad007

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    400 watts, it is enough because it comes with a wattage meter and its running just fine.

    does anyone think that this perhaps has something to do with my processor?
  6. mahavatar

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    Yeah I do so too. I do a lot of webwork and ftp a lot. Try to log on to PC World for your reference and see what I am trying to point out. There are some issues too about defragging and unfragging and optimizing your system. WinXP in itself is a memory hog and the peripherals you have like processor, hard drives, memory, video card, etc. have certain power requirements. The guy is right, you should have a higher rated psu to make it sure that all your peripherals/hardware get enough power. Also, if your monitor is deriving power from your PC, try to get it off and plug it in separately. By the way, I use a 500-watt psu and have no problem with my peripherals losing power. Your processor is fine, by the way.
  7. WMVlad007

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    my monitor has it's own power supply. i'm sorry i didn't quite understand what was the suggestion in the previous message. u mean even that i know that my power supply is adequate, try getting an even bigger one? if so , what would you recommend ( i have 400 right now)
  8. mahavatar

    mahavatar TS Rookie

    power plug

    Some people tend to plug in their monitors at the back of the PC because there's a certain input that accommodates it, aside from the video adapter cord that you normally plug in onto the video adapter. What I mean to say is that instead of plugging in your monitor's power cord (which is an old practice) at the back of your PC case, try to plug it in onto your UPS instead.

    There are certain power consumption/requirement for each of your hardware:

    Here are some examples:

    Motherboard: 15-30 watts
    Mid to High End CPU: 40-100 watts
    RAM: 7 watts per 128 MB
    PCI Add in card: 5 watts
    High end graphics board: 60-100 watts
    IDE Hard Drive: 10-30 watts
    Optical Drives: 10-25 watts

    The more peripherals you have, the more power you need to supply them. I hope you get a fairly good idea why you need to have a higher-rated psu. You also need to have some extra wattage for future expansion. Thus, the more power you have, the more stable your hardware would run. A 400-watt psu might be okay- for now. But if I were you, I would tack on at least 10-15% more for head room.

    Try considering my earlier suggestions too. You should have a leaner Windows for your apps to function as you want them. Disable some of the background services (in Windows) that you don't need. In fact, other services do harm than good when you're surfing. IE for example has a gateway where hackers come in. I don't use IE, I replaced it with Mozilla Firefox a few months ago. It's faster and safer. I also have Zone Alarm which is a good firewall and takes only little resources from your PC. You should also have a lighter loading but good antivirus like AVG or NOD 32.
  9. shadow_29

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    dude ..first of all adding a higher rated psu wouldnt do you much good except piss you off even more.here are my suggestions-first type msconfig and press enter in the run screen and then go to startup tab, see how many you've got remove anything that you dont need including norton etc. you can turn anything you want on later.second your video card may be overheating,check for proper airflow,did these game run better or faster earlier and lately have gotten so slow or have they been slow from the start than.... you might be overestimating your video card if you closely note the name of your card it contains the acronymn at the end namely "LE" meaning light edition as in a slower core.also check your ram config and your bus speed what ratio are they set at.

    but even if you have exhausted every option and are still having trouble with these games at higher resolution,dont be disheartened you can always try and overclock it but thats a different topic altogether.
  10. tbrunt3

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    I agree with shadow here .. But also try updating your motherboard chipset drivers.. And also pay a visit to blackviper at www.blackviper.com he has services listed there you can turn off and instructions how to do it...

    Check it out
  11. WMVlad007

    WMVlad007 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    thanks guys, i figured out the problem, initially i said i got plenty of ram, but i was mistaken, the reason why the whole thing is running slow is because i'm running out of ram, i ordered some more, and it should arrive in a few days and if that doesn't help it, i'll be back on this topic. appreciate everyone's help.
  12. WMVlad007

    WMVlad007 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    i upgraded my ram to 1500 MB and 3d games still run ****ty. does anyone know how to properly configure the video card, because i think that's my problem. i have the latest driver. i tried running 3dmark test and it runs at 1 frame per second. there is no way my video card is that bad, someone help
  13. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    The card is plug and play soon as you install the nivida drivers for this card it will set for what it can run . IF you have dx9 already and the latestes drivers and the agp apagure size sit correct and still getting bad frame rates there is something wrong somewhere . This could very well be a bad card or possible a bad power supply Just becuse you have a 400 w PS does not mean it it giving out 400w nothing is 100% efficent ..

    let us know
  14. UnluckyNelson

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    Hey guys...

    I was just laughing at all the advice you were given, It's really funny how people think that a bigger power supply would make your PC run faster, seriously I also read the tom's hardware thing about the power but 400w is more than enough for any hyperthreading p4 nevermind just an old 2.7ghz. And it really doesn't matter where you plug your monitor in, the mains is just redirected to the rear end of the power supply and doesn't affect the circuitry inside, which filter and reduces the voltage. If you believe that, I would suggest that you remove some light bulbs cause they might also make your pc run slower!!! lol

    Now the only person here that really said anything sensible is shadow. It's too bad I haven't seen this thread earlier on otherwise I could have told you more RAM wouldn't have changed a thing.

    The problem is with your display card itself. You see computer architecture with gaming is quite interesting: A couple of years ago when P2's and p3's came out and speed demons with their 800mhz Cpu's were centre stage. Yes Cpu power combined with RAM did play a big role in the LOADING of your game and some AI calculations. Remember you had a option for software rendering or directx?

    Software would be: Your CPU taking all the strain for calulating polygons and their position whithin you XYZ space... then rendering it out to pixels and displaying it.
    Directx: Your display card handeling all the complex polygon rendering and light and shadow rendering, anti-anilising... etc. Nowa days everything is directx, meaning all the strain on your display card and not on your CPU and RAM resources.

    Basically what I'm saying is: We have reached the threshold of CPU and RAM playing a big role in games. Your display card is handeling most of this these days. Don't get me wrong, CPU and RAM still plays a big role within design programs, like 3D Studio MAX and Corel DRAW but if you want to play games get a decent display card.

    You could have spent that RAM cash on a better display card. You might have a 5700 with a very slow 64bit memory architecture where even my 5200 would be much faster. Go toTom's hardware VGA charts and just read the last paragraph above the table....

    You've been had.... lol
  15. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    Good information And I agree there but also the 5700LE card which is a light edition card .. AS was pointed out buy a few people here .. Not very good card

    As for power supply true a 400W is good if this is actually a ture 400w wich is probbly not nothing is 100% effiecent lets say for instance this power supply is 80% effiecent which means it actually only 320 watts wich is actually more than plenty to run what he has right now

    But the power supply is not his problem just have to let people know that becuse they have a 400 w power supply does not actually me it is 400watts some people do not know that
  16. WMVlad007

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    thanks a lot guys, yeah, today i took my friends ati radeon 9800 tx and i plugged it in, and everything ran flawless
    so you guys would suggest a different video card. which one do you think is the best. out of both nvida and ati. i want something with at least 256 onboard and i want it (obviously) to run the newest games at a high resolution perfectly.
  17. WMVlad007

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    also, just to take into consideration, my system is 2.7 P4, 1500 MB RAM, brand new intel board that can pull off anything, a tonn of HD space, blah blah blah, i am thinking about upgrading my processor some time soon, assuming that that's the only thing on my PC that's not up to date. so the best card for me to get is....
  18. shadow_29

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    like i have been recommending to a lot of others...the nvidia geforce 6600 gt ddr2 with 256 mb ram,check out newegg.com since you would require an agp version(dont forget to check which bus pci/agp) it should be in the sub 200$ category(somewhat around 170$).get that its almost on par or even less in terms of price to a 9800 pro but the performance difference between the 2.........great.so if you've got the budget get this one,if you've got a higher budget check out geforce 6800gt or if you've got a lower budget than a ati radeon 9600 pro should suffice.but a 6600 gt would match your config. perfectly.
  19. tbrunt3

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    The 6600 gt is a good choice .. It really how much do you want to spend on a card the fx series is good as long as you stay away from the LE .I personally have a very nive FX5800 ultra wich they do not make any more running 488/976 stable .

    So just look around the choice is yours but if you choose Nivida make sure you either get a BFG ,Pny or grainwald .
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