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Apr 15, 2004
  1. I just bought a computer with 3.0 pentium, 1056 mb of ram and nvidia geforce fx 5200 video card. When i play battlefield vietnam online, everything is fine until i try to go into large building on some of the levels. It pretty much freezes up when i do this and it is very annoying. I messed with the levels and that seems to be no help. Is anyone having similar problems or did i just get the wrong video card? Also I have looked on the web for driver updates for this peticular card and found none.
  2. erickdj

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    The fx 5200 is not exactly a 'fast' card by today's standards and battlefield vietnam is a pretty recent game with high requirements. Try to lower the game display resolution, disable any anti-aliasing, and choose lower detail levels. the pentium 3.0 with 1024mb ram is a nice system with great potential, but the fx 5200 is holding you back. New generation video cards are coming out later this month, so the current cards will be going down in price. If you play a lot of games and don't mind spending a little more for a better gaming experience consider upgrading that video card to something more up to par with the rest of the system.
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    I agree.

    I had a FX 5200, and all it seems to do is eat power. It ran very slowly with Halo, and any other highly GPU dependent games. I've just gone over to a second hand Radeon 9500 (I know - joining the darkside to many Nvidia obsessives) and it runs about twenty times faster on the same programs.

    If you search on the internet you will find it full of people cursing the FX 5200 - particularly the non-ultra version. It seemed slower than my GF2!


    PS one concern now is that many programs are putting the main emphasis on the video cards rather than the overall RAM due to tie-ins with consoles - like the Xbox which has only got 64 meg ram, so I'm told.
  4. vassil3427

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    Well even though the FX5200 is slow, it shouldnt be locking up like that. BF Vietnam seems more CPU dependant to me...I mean It runs perfectly fine on my 1800+ and Ati Radeon 9600 NP .... I think perhaps you have an overheating or software problem...

    Here's the latest driver http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_56.72 try installing that and see if it helps.
  5. TheTrueMoron

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    It really does have to do more with CPU power. I have an FX 5200 with a P4 and I have no problems playing any video game.
  6. nomoretime

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    Err, yes, an athlon 64 is terribly slow, isn't it...

    One might question what games you're playing.
  7. bronzsword

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    GeForce fx 5200 . y doesnt it work!!!!

    I got a new GeForce 5200 resently and it just hasnt gone with the pc. I was having problems with my laim GeForce MX 200 so i got a new card.

    My first problem with the card was the screen kept on refreshing( going black every time i click something or scroll down pag).

    Games with this didnt work as well they just crashed and my pc just reset itself.(when it crashed on some games i.e. counter strike condition zero and even a final fantasy 11 benchmark program the screen went black and you could still here the music of the game menu).

    I ( my mum) phoned technical support and they said it was the monitor that was causing the probem. so i hooked up my old hugh monitor and tryed it.
    The screen didnt go black anymore on scrolling down but it just fuzzed a little.
    I tried unreal tournament 2004 and it worked first time and i was happy.

    Then i tried to go back on game l8er but it wouldnt load up.it always stoped at the clips b4 menu screen.

    2 day i installed sacred because unreal work once and i though this game might just work as a fluke but it does same thing it completes loading screen and then just goes black. i can here music but i cant see anything . Shortly after that my computer restarts..!!!

    Dear God Help Me!!!!

    oh yeh my compuer spec is:

    AMD Athlon 1600+
    256MB DDR-DRAM
    dvd 16x
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