Nvidia Ion 2 slower than the original Ion?

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Feb 23, 2010
  1. Acer last week announced its Aspire One 532G netbook as the first to carry Nvidia's forthcoming Ion 2, but few details have been revealed about the next-gen graphics chip. Some folks at NetbookNews recently got their hands on the Aspire One 532G at Mobile World Congress, and they managed to sneak in a 3DMark 03 graphics benchmark.

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  2. The video references up to 10 hour battery life, which wasn't possible with intense power consumption of the initial Ion. It appears there is a slight reduction in performance for a considerable reduction in power consumption. I seek respectable video performance and exceptional battery life. These initial demonstrations are encouraging.
  3. 9Nails

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    Video cards usually have mentionable driver improvements soon after a new chip is released. I typically wait 6 months before I find that the drivers are up to speed.
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    I said in the past that IMO the Ion is an overkill for an Atom. You can have a lower performing chip and get the same performance, because the Atom is the bottleneck. A lower performance chip can give you the same experience in this situation, while taking less power and costing less. Maybe NVIDIA thought so too.
  5. well i have an hp mini 311 overclocked to 2.1 ghz and gpu overclocked to 550mhz, and in world of warcraft im getting over 100 fps in some places , rades are still in the 50's
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