Nvidia tweets, then deletes a mysterious teaser showing an animated blinking eye


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Frankly, nobody seems to know what this tease means. The tweet was removed shortly after going live, which could mean it was mistakenly posted. Alternatively, its removal might be part of Nvidia's marketing strategy here -- companies have been known to "accidentally" leak content in the past when it serves their interests.

Either way, tech news site eTeknix managed to grab a screenshot of the tweet before it was deleted, which you can see below (though, of course, it is not animated).

As we said, nobody seems to understand what the tweet is referring to. It could be pointing toward a new advancement in foveated rendering -- an eye-tracking feature for VR that aims to boost performance -- or it could somehow be related to Nvidia's Ampere GPU architecture.

Regardless, we won't have to wait long to find out what Nvidia has up its sleeve. Assuming the March 19 date shown in the tweet is accurate, we can probably expect the hardware giant to start announcing its newest technology and products in just over a week.

If you have any theories regarding the potential context for this tweet, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. We will try to reach out to Nvidia for comment, but we don't expect to receive a response.

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