Obliivion for the PC. Stuck strafing left.

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Aug 26, 2007
  1. Hey everyone! This is my first post here, thought I might give it a shot. I've looked everywhere and tried everything that I could think of. Here's the problem:

    As soon as I start up Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV for the PC it runs as smooth as a bird, and loads up perfectly. But as soon as I enter gameplay my character will not stop "sliding to the left".

    I've reinstalled the thing many times, cleaning the CD, making sure no programs are running, ext. and that did not change anything.
    It is not my keyboard, even when I try to open the game without my keyboard plugged in it still does the same thing. If I set slide left to a separate key before starting gameplay it still is always sliding left. I can move forward and back, run, jump, attack, ext. but If I try to cancel out the left by pushing strafe right it still continues to strafe left.

    I can get through the game, it does follow through as usual with the king going through the passage and so on, but I can not find out how to stop my character to stop strafing left.

    Brand new PC:
    8600 XFX 256 DDR2 Videocard
    6000+ Athlon X2 3.0ghz dual core possessor
    2gb of DDR2 Ram
    300gb seagate hardrive
    Windows XP Pro
    HP Keyboard (although im quite certain it has nothing to do with it.)

    This PC has been running as of yesterday, totally clean. I've ran several other games that ran perfectly. Any help would be just fantastic. Thanks =)

    Whoopsie. I posted it as "strafing right".. meant left ^.^
  2. I couldn't think of an explantion for this one, the only thing I can suggest is to send an email or call the game support site and/or sign up on the forums and search for your problem. If no results come up, then post your problem on the site. Also make sure the game is up-to-date.

    - http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/ - - forums

    - http://www.bethsoft.com/contact.html - email

    - http://support.bethsoft.com/asp/faq...id=1462&pnm=Oblivion&seid=3932&pos=Windows+XP - FAQ
    - http://support.bethsoft.com/asp/res...id=3932&pos=Windows+XP&top=Gameplay&rid=23527

    - http://bethsoft.com/downloads_01.html - Updates
  3. all the intructions for fixing pretty much any problem with oblivion are in my link
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    jtickner1, your link is broken.
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