Oblivion and Ati Radeon 9250

By D@nny
Mar 26, 2006
  1. I'v made another thread regarding what graphic card upgrade I should take to improve my Ati radeon 9250 256 mb agp card but I also will be needing a power supply upgrade to get one of the cards that won't be outdated in a few months or so. Has anyone got oblivon to work with the 9250. Maybe my card will be supported with it because on this one site referring to oblivion and how all the graphics cards match up to it it said there is a possibility. Also most people consider the 9250 to be a 128 mb but some pci express and agp versions were 256 . Do you think my card will be able to run Oblivion if its at the 256 megabyte level? Without the gameplay being too choppy? Has anyone got it to work with a 9250. I'll probaly have to end up going to the store myself and trying it out
  2. MrGaribaldi

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    Since the card is not listed in the list of supported video cards, I'm afraid not.
    Oblivion is really requiring a lot from the graphics cards, and the 9250 really doesn't have that much to give, even with 256MB ram.

    Of course, it might be able to get the game to run with a tweak or two, but it will not be the experience you'd get with a "proper" graphics card.

    I've suggested two reasonably priced psu's in the other thread, which should enable you to upgrade your graphics card, and stay (reasonably) within budget.
  3. Sharkfood

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    The 9250 doesn't have the shader support to run Oblivion, so it's unsupported and really doesn't have the horsepower for such a game.

    There are some folks that are working on some patch files that force the game to try and use older shader versions, but most of these result in a game that crashes frequently or has lots of white-solid areas where textures are supposed to be. Add to that it's like a slideshow... doesn't make for a compelling game experience!

    I think it's safe to say Bethesda doesn't have any interest in recoding the engine for older hardware.. especially given how cards that play the game perfectly fine can be had for $65-$100 range.

    You may or may not have the ability TO upgrade the videocard depending upon your system. The 9250's come in PCI factor as well as AGP. If your system only has PCI slots and no AGP slot, you're going to be out of luck as the best PCI cards available do not fulfill Oblivion's minimum system requirements.

    If you're unsure about your videocard, check in the Device Manager to see if maybe it says "9250 PCI" or similar. If not, google/web search CPU-Z and download/run this program. It should list if the system has an AGP slot in one of it's tabs.

    Do not confuse PCI with PCI-Express! They are totally different slot designs. You cannot use a PCI-Express videocard in a standard PCI slot!

    Good luck!
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