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OC for a Ti

By cslord15
Aug 16, 2003
  1. My current video card is an MSI GeForce 4 Ti4200 (AGP 4x, 64 Mb Version.) It has the latest drivers and has shown no problems with DX 9. The default clocks are 513/250 (Memory/Core, respectively.) The card even cranks out 10,000 on 3DMark2001SE at 1024x768 (at those clocks). I'm getting pretty worried, since newer games (such as Rainbow Six: Raven Shield) have been slow, even without AF/AA and with lower detail, and I'm not in any financial condition to get a 9800 PRO in time for a game like Half-Life 2.

    Is there any cheap, reliable solution for the card that will allow me to overclock it without risking glitches, artifacts or a fried card? (As of now I can clock the card to 635/275 with no artifacts.)
    (The rest of the specs for my system are in the signature.)
  2. JSR

    JSR Banned Posts: 592

    i wouldn't sit

    in my rocking chair and worry about somethin' that hasn't happened yet, and fry your card in the meantime,,,,,,,,,,sure you could try to sqeeze more out your card, but, that usually results in instability and such...........you should be able to upgrade when the time comes, as prices keep on dropping
  3. Telexen

    Telexen TS Rookie

    I can run Raven Shield on my GF3 Ti 200 at 1280x1024 (medium quality settings) just fine.
  4. JSR

    JSR Banned Posts: 592

    shut down some features

    like in your settings for d3d and open gl.....shut down v sync..............set everything to performance......including your os.........disable any aa..............who cares in fps' anyway.............there are many more tweaks to optimize
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