Odd display error

By FireballX301
Sep 23, 2008
  1. So as of four days ago, my Vista-running Sony PCG model laptop with integrated graphics started doing something odd whenever resolution changes (for example, when starting up a game) - the screen cuts out to a blank white screen and the computer seems to lock up. The screen isn't entirely blank white though - odd dark patches will appear in certain spots and move around. Nothing works at this point except a hard shutdown.

    In addition to that, on hard shutdown and restart, Vista will fail to boot several times and display the exact same blank white screen, with no ability to access BIOS or interact with the boot sequence. Upon successful boot I get a 'windows failed to start' screen, but can then boot normally.

    I'm scanning for malware now but I don't expect anything, and I would like some input as to possible causes of this so I can narrow my plan of action. Reinstallation of display drivers is the first thing that comes to mind but that's kind of a last resort, and if the display connectors were faulty/out of place I'm not sure the laptop would appear to boot at all until I connect to another monitor (which I will do as soon as the problem manifests again).
  2. kimsland

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    Could be faulty Ram you could scan your Ram with Memtest
  3. FireballX301

    FireballX301 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Will do, but the laptop is less than a year old and was working fine, a bit early for the ram to start failing =|
  4. smiler1st

    smiler1st TS Rookie

    Hi I had something similar and a friend directed me to this website that listed every concievable error and the code and how to fix it ... i am a relative novice to stuff like this but I managed to sort out my driver errors and got a recovery cd from there and now all is well! ... recovery-cds.com ...
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