Odd speed problem behind a router

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Mar 31, 2010
  1. This is from my last post moving to the next confusing problem.

    My customer has 4 computers hooked up to his router. The customer recently got his line repaired and is hooked right up to his node directly outside his house. Going right to his modem he gets 60mb. Once he hooks up to his router all of his computers all get between 58mb to 61mb.

    Here is the problem.

    One of the computers is only getting 29mb to 36mb.

    I have tried so much that its driving me nuts.

    The computer is on windows 7 64bit.

    The ethernet driver is a nvidia nforce networking controller.

    It currently has the most recent driver, actually I have even found a win7 update.

    I've swapped 4 different ethernet cables and get the same speed.

    Ran a defrag, check the disk for errors, and looked for malware.

    Cleared the startup and even attempted checking the speed in safe mode with no luck.

    I'm lost... anyone have any ideas?
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    Errr isn't that fix for file transfers?
  4. Lightingbird

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    Also I just checked the settings and that was already unchecked.
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    On-board bus PCI 33MHz 133MB or PCI-E 400MB and up? Frankly even if the On-board NIC is use they do tend to fail or degrade. Disable it and try PCI or PCI-E is better with dual direction at the same time over PCI with it one direction per second.. I guess you have offload the NIC for TCP have that enabled and since you have 7 the offload the CPU is automatic. I still like to force to Enable to play it safe. To speed data transfer flow from one system to another over the LAN each system would need to have SATA II. Some IDE PATA with 32MB cache can help some. Degrade in HDD will hurt transfer rates.

    What brand of Router and model are you using at the client site?
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    I believe I have figured out the problem with bad nic card on the laptop that is not getting the speed. They are using some sort of asus router. I didn't get the model number or put to much into that because three of the computers maintained the new speed all but the laptop.
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