OE Navagation Bar is missing

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Apr 13, 2007
  1. After 2 days of searching sites, I am here. Have Win XP Pro. ,IE 7 and have no current concerns other than the Navigation bars on IE & OE Express are suddenly gone. I checked the 'REG-HKEY_ -- Browser & Note Bands' for error and found none. Ran a complete Reg exam with a current ver of 'RegCure' and cleaned out my accumulation of old -Temp Files, Cookies etc. Today I downloaded 'Quero' which put a bar in IE but I still need a fix for OE. Any Ideas?
    I have just about enough PC knowledge to be slightlydangerious, so keep your replies STRAIGHT & SIMPLE. Thanks
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    Found this: Try renaming your outcmd.dat file to outcmd.old while Outlook is closed.
    Outlook will rebuild the default toolbars the next time you open it. If you're using Windows 2000 or XP, you'll need to search in hidden and system folders to find the outcmd.dat file.
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    OE Navigation bar missing

    I tried what you suggested w/o any change then determined the file that your reply related to MS Outlook where as my problem is with Outlook Express. In the OE program file I find nothing with a 'cmd' extension. As stated, I have the top bar with ' File Edit -- Help' -I am missing the Navigation bar with the Icons ' Back --Foreword -- Delete --etc ' . I find no solution searching the net.
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    Missing OE Navigation Bar -update

    In REGEDIT came across (3) GUID's, Expanding the Identity that has the problem, there is an 'Attachment Path " leading to a common file I use in my job. The other two do not have this and when I switch to either of the other identities in OE , there is a Navigation bar. Why is it there and can I delete the 'Attachment Path' in the Registry w/o any complications?
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    Well, depends on how critical things are for you and your comp.

    Me, I backup stuff to CD or USB 60 Gb drive frequently.

    In any case, you can make a copy of that file/folder/stuff and:


    Then delete the darn thing and reboot.

    If there is a problem, restore the registry.
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    OE Nav Bar missing !

    As you suggested. I created a Reg Start point then 'deleted' the line, rebooted and ALL IS WELL once again. Perhaps it is not important how the line got entered into the Reg and if it happens down the road, I will have forgotten how or what to do and go through this again. Thanks
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    Helping is what I try to do.
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