Office 2003 Excel Displays Chinese font popup on 1st key entered in cell

By Nza
Aug 17, 2009
  1. I have a user within AD who is getting a chinese popup error everytime he presses a key in excel for the 1st time or even outlook. However on the 2nd occasion everything is fine and it works well and no error occurs.

    I hvave done everything you can think of from a
    1. Full Uninstallation of the app + registry removals of Office 11 and Re-installation
    2. Checking that his AD I.D. has full rights within the Registry
    3. Re-created his profile both Locally and Server Side
    4. Re-installed the keyboard driver under his AD login
    5. Tested using regmon and filemon and seen few failures here and there and got the registry keys elsewhere and imported

    All of these still results with the user getting the popup error with Chinese Writing when the 1st key is pressed still

    Any of you guys came across this and resolved??
  2. Bobbye

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  3. Nza

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    Ok I will give that a try and keep you posted :)
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