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Ok, I am coming here for some advice on install

By Larsenex
Sep 13, 2014
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  1. Greetings. I have built computers before but I have never installed window on an SSD. I suspect I am doing something wrong. I have built a friend his computer and its very nice parts and pieces. The following:

    • Asrok Z97 Extreme 6 motherboard
    • Intel I7 4790K
    • 32 Gigs of Ram (cant remember name.)
    • 256 Gig SSD Sata 3
    • 1 Terrabyte HDD
    • Gforce 760 GTX w/ 2gig ram
    • 750 Corsair Gold PS
    • Windows 7 64 Pro
    All of this equipment was 'new' out of the box direct from Newegg. If there is a way to trouble shoot the motherboard or SSD to make sure neither are bad I am all ears...

    We did not change any bios settings. I hooked up the SSD and HDD. Windows sees the HDD as Drive 0 and the SSD as drive 1. When I go and hit NEW on the SSD it puts in a 100 meg partition as usual and I install. Now, after install, when I do either drivers (from disc)or windows updates, the computer freezes at windows start up and will not restart. I cannot get out of this issue. Now I can install on the HDD no problem.

    I wanted to put Windows on the SSD and his games on it and make the HDD the storage drive.

    I keep freezing each time I install windows on the SSD but not the HDD.

    Is there something in Bios that I am missing or a setting I need to do?

    Why is windows freezing when it starts to do windows update when its installed on the SSD?

    Oh, when I installed on the SSD, after I got to the desktop the HDD did NOT show up at all. Which also confused me. I figured I could install everything on the SSD, then come BACK later (after updates) install the HDD and windows would see it and simply assign it a letter and let me use it as storage. This clearly not happening.

    Again I can seem to install on the SSD but when I start windows update the system 'hangs' or locks up and never completes a down load. I would be left hard resetting the computer and then it would not load into windows.

    My friend was able to install (and update) just fine on the HDD but that kind of defeats the reason why we got him an SSD

    Does anyone have experience or advice to help me resolve this. I can post additional information as needed.

    Thanks much in advance.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2014
  2. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,174   +3,264

    If I am reading this correctly you tried installing Windows with the HDD disconnected. That is once you noticed you were having issues with both drives connected. That by the way is the way I prefer to install. Install with only the one drive to avoid any unforeseen conflicts.

    Strange issue! What does the motherboard manual say about port 0 and port 1? If they are designated as RAID ports, this may cause issues. Try using the first two ports that are not RAID port, if you are not already.

    Side Note:
    Check to make sure the BIOS is set to AHCI mode. The SSD will benefit from AHCI capabilities.
  3. Larsenex

    Larsenex TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 61

    Thank you for the reply. I suspected the issue might be related to which port the Sata cables were plugged into.

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