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Jul 13, 2009
  1. ok, long story short...i set set up one of my old computers for my gf so she could serf the web play games ect. she started out with little generic games and has finaly work herself up to some game she couldnt play..."Movies" or something like that. so went to the store and got a pci graphics card a gig of ram...went home and put them in....put in the ram...no prob....put in the graphics card in installed the drivers...rebooted and when it came back on the colors were all jacked up...looked at the resolution and it was at 800 by 600...and the color quality was a 4bit...i could not adjust these settings...any help would be appreciated...thanks in advance

    Mobo - P4G533-LA
    Graphic Interface - integrated graphics (want to put in an Nvidia GeForce 6200 512mb DDR2
    Memory - 1gig
    CPU - P4
    CPU speed - 2.6gh
    PSU make/model - Raidmax Model No.:RX-380K (KY-480ATX)
    Watt output/amperage - 380 Watt +12v at 18amps
  2. LinkedKube

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    did you try booting in safe mode?
  3. mrturtle

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    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers?

    Look to see if there are any newer versions of the drivers for the card on the manufacturors website.
  4. drpatrickcs

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    Check for newer drivers. Also, and this might seem a little off the wall, but check to see if your new card has a power supply connection. You might need to connect the computers power supply directly to the new video card to get it to perform to specs. Make sure you shut off the old video on the mother board through the bios!

    How this helps. drpatrickcs
  5. Hudozie

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    ok...put the graphics card in...checked the bios...and booted in safe mode....the graphics were alot better...installed the drivers then went online to check for a new driver...downloaded it...restarted the computer and it is now working percectly. the game runs smooth...quick question..is it better to install the drivers for hardware in safe mode because that is something i never do. Thanks for the help guys
  6. LinkedKube

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    no its not necesarily better, but with the issue you were having it makes it a bit easier, sometimes depending on your hardware your on screen display will be out of wack w/o proper drivers and almost makes it impossible to navigate, as you experienced, yours is a special case :p Take care,
  7. Alster37

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    I HAVE HAD this problem!!!!! things I did

    restore to previous date
    allow windows to search for the new driver instead of downloading one
    make sure your pc is fully updated before doing the video drivers
    ( mine was a new build, did the video drivers straigt away instead of doing all others first)
    hope this helps,
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