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Old Computer Shuts Down After 2 minutes

By ghagen
Jun 13, 2007
  1. Just inherited an old computer.

    It's a home-made job and doesn't stay on long enough for me to get very many particulars. Here's what I can get:

    Asus TUSI-M mobo, 1.1 GHZ Celeron, Win 98SE. It has an external HDDR, scanner, external DVD writer and printer.

    The last time this machine was used (around 6 months ago) it worked fine. Since then, there was a local power outage while the machine was off, but the modem was faulty afterwards. This was determined by a phone tech who got a dial tone back on the phones on that line by unpluging the modem from the wall.

    I cranked it up today and everything seemed normal -- including a normal POST, but about two minutes after startup, the computer shut down. No error messages, it just went off.

    It seems to need to wait a few minutes before it'll turn back on, then, the same shut down.

    It doesn't seem to be OS-dependent as it will do the same thing if I'm looking at the BIOS settings. Due to the short wait before it will start up again, I was thinking about some kind of temperature problem, but the posu fan works and according to the BIOS hardware monitor, the cpu fan is working and the cpu only reaches around 114 degrees during the time the computer stays on. The BIOS is supposed to give error warnings if it finds problems with hardware operating parameters. No errors or warnings are generated.

    Finally, I reset the BIOS to default values -- to the same shutdown results.

    The supposedly bad modem is still in the computer since I don't need it to use this computer. Wonder if it would help at all to take it out?

    Oh, one more thing: The computer fails to recognize the mouse, which is a Belkin USB mouse plugged into the PS2 mouse port with an adapter. The mouse worked okay before (6 months ago).

    Thanks for your opinions!

  2. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    replace the psu
    replace your cmos battery

    power outages can cause problems. I hope you had an ups or a surge protector.
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