Old geezers n games

By vega
Aug 1, 2004
  1. I'v been into video and computer gaming from the dawn of time when I bought my first console (a vectrex) back in the early eighties and have never looked back since.
    Its only today when I saw my first grey nostril hair poking out whilst I was shaving that it suddenly hit me - I'm 41 - I'm an old man!
    On reflection, I'v enjoyed 24 years of gaming and must have spent and wasted thousands in the pursuit of faster, more colourful and better sounding pixellated mayhem but don't regret a bit of it - best of all, its quite an experience to see how games have - and continue, to evolve - from my very first title - hungry horace (spectrum) to current fave - far cry.
    Right now, in terms of gaming, I'm having the time of my life and with titles like Doom 3 and Half life 2 just around the corner, things are about to get MUCH BETTER!
    My one wish is that someone has the balls and initiative to seize the virtuality concept and gives it a new leash of life because this has GOT to be the next step of gaming evolution.
    Are there any old geezers out there who still like to bash the occasional pixel? are there any doddery old guys who can shame up their younger peers at the latest multiplayer slugfest?
  2. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    At 41, I don't really consider you and old geezer. Wait till you get my age, 57.

    I haven't been playing games as long as you or a lot of others here, but I'm just as avid now. I used to play a few games on my kids consoles, but I only really got started in the days of the original Half-Life and Quake II. I used to travel a lot and spent all my spare time reading. But when I got my first laptop, well, that's when the reading stopped and the games started.

    Right now, my favorite games, and the ones that I play regularly are Battlefield/Desert Combat and Far Cry. I'm going through Far Cry again on Realistic mode, and man it's hard, but I guess you probably know that.

    Like you, I can't wait for Half-Life 2 and Doom III.
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