Old HDD on a new computer

So I'm buying a new computer soon and I have this old Windows 7 1TB HDD and I'm wondering if it will work on it, so I don't have to waste more money on an external hard drive.

If so, what will I need to do? I don't remember if this drive was the one that had Windows installed in it, but if that's the case, is it possible to completely delete the operating system and everything in it, so I have a brand new HDD for use?


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You can use the old hard drive as an external drive. All you need is an enclosure or a dock. Search for 3.5" HDD dock or enclosure. Once you get it installed and plug it into the new computer you should run 'Scandisk' over it. If there are not problems then you should remove it's 'Active' status (because it might have been a boot drive).

So...type 'CMD' on the search bar (bottom left of the taskbar) then find 'CMD' under apps and on that then right click to 'run as Admin'

(A black window opens). Type (without the quotes) 'DISKPART' hit [Enter] then 'List Disk' hit [Enter] - type 'select disk X' hit [Enter] - (Where X is the WD Blue ...likely Disk 1 or 0)

type 'list partition' hit [Enter] -

type 'select partition X' (It is likely partition 1) hit [Enter] - type 'inactive' hit [Enter]

then type 'Exit' hit [Enter] -

type 'Exit' a 2nd time and hit [Enter].

After you get all the data transferred you can delete all the files and use 'Disk Management' to delete all the major partitions and use it as a storage drive.