Omnibook 4100 HDD

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Dec 9, 2008
  1. I am trying to upgrade my omnibook 4100 notebook from the original 4 Gb to a 10 Gb .i have done an image onto the 10 Gb , but it will not boot . any ideas ?
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    You also need to check if your BIOS supports the larger capacity drive. One of the capacity limits of old BIOS'es is 8.4GB... check for an update.
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    Damn you're right, that's the most likely cause on this old computer
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    Great post Tedster!! It may be best to read the thread first though
    As for your ongoing URL posts, (without any info attached, I found 4 other irrelevant to the thread posts, as well. ? Just with URLs attached!, I have decided to contact Julio for the third time on this issue of your posting, or BAD posting I should say)
    Seeming I found all up 14 posts like this (in the past few days) Maybe time to learn, huh? (seems a shame to post, and then have it removed later on)
    Take it as an order. Stop posting like this

    That link is about minimum 32Gig issue
    We're talking 10Gig here !

    andyc's advice is most likely correct
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