On-screen touch controls are gaining in popularity according to Xbox Cloud Gaming

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Editor's take: I don't know how you feel about touch controls for mobile gaming, but I can't stand them. The lack of any tactile sensation makes it hard to tell if you are hitting the right part of the screen to make a button press, and often you aren't. However, virtual gamepads are gaining some popularity with Xbox Cloud Gaming players.

When Microsoft launched Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud for simplicity's sake) just over a year ago, Minecraft Dungeons was the only game with an on-screen gamepad for playing on mobile devices. Since then, more than 100 titles have received touch control support.

Surprisingly, its virtual controllers are being used—in some cases—exclusively. Xbox Senior Program Manager Monty Hernandez told The Verge's Tom Warren that 20 percent of xCloud players solely use touch controls.

"[Twenty] percent of our Xbox Cloud Gaming users use touch as their exclusive method of playing games," said Hernandez, a senior program manager at Xbox. "As such, it's important to us that the touch-enabled games we launch are relevant and, most importantly, play well with touch controls."

Of course, 20 percent is a minority number, but considering the problems presented by non-tactile control schemes, the figure is significant. Furthermore, for specific games, like Hades, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Minecraft Dungeons, and others, the stat jumps to 30 percent. That means almost a third of Yakuza players—a game that requires a lot of fighting—prefer on-screen controls over a physical gamepad.

The popularity is growing as more developers add touch controls to their games. Microsoft has made it very easy for studios to patch games to use virtual gamepads by posting a customizable template on GitHub.

"We've seen, on average, a 2x increase in usage for titles available via Xbox Cloud Gaming, across genres, that implement touch controls," said Hernandez.

Admittedly, Microsoft's implementation of touch controls on its Surface Duo looks impressive enough that I might consider giving it a try. Of course, those are not directly on the screen like they would be on a single-display phone or tablet. Regardless, xCloud players seem to be taking to them, so more developers are sure to add them to future and past games.

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And the example they chose to illustrate is someone who actually paid the $1400 for that abomination of an Android phone with an extra screen hinged on it from Microsoft. Has pronouns in their Twitter name and needs to make a point of telling Twitter that they chose the game for their child.

Yup, these are exactly the sort of people who I expect to be using touch controls and say “it’s intuitive”.

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Touch controls are actually not that bad on *some* of the titles my issue with Xcloud is still it doesn't run very well, In the UK anyway.


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I mostly can’t stand touch controls but I do like to play Civilisation 6 on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. It’s better than a mouse.