One VGA port, two LCD monitors on a laptop with a dead screen

By fluffykitten
Mar 11, 2011
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  1. running two monitors off one vga port on laptop,

    laptop has a bad screen, so I just keep the laptop closed and run mouse keyboard and monitor with other devices and so on... I have a two lcd monitors I would like to use and extend. if you use a vga splitter, will it recognize two or run two with identical screens which would be useless.

    so, laptop, one vga port and I have two monitors needing to be setup.

    On my tower, my ati card, sli which has 4 dvi connectors for a quad setup, also ran a splitter off of one of one of the dvi leads to add 5 and it still saw all 5 monitors individually.

    hmm what else can I add, I also have a kvm switch, just not sure how to setup everything right, I am running into problems.

    1 usb bluetooth mouse
    1 usb apple pro keyboard, it works on my laptop so I like it,
    1 usb 1TB mybook
    4 active multiple monitors on desktop
    2 monitors on the laptop machine, 1 monitor only being active. (6 lcd monitors all together)
    KVM switch, 4 outputs, I only need two anyways.

    audio, creative DTS-610 to get a DTS single connected to a yamaha receiver
  2. example1013

    example1013 TS Enthusiast Posts: 265

    If you're talking about a VGA-to-VGA splitter, I think you'll only be able to get two instances of the same screen to show up.

    If you're talking about a different port that can handle more data, you might be able to get this set-up to work. I know the computers we use at work have a video output port that has an adapter that splits into two VGA ports (or two DVI ports, depending), and we use that for a dual-monitor set-up (which everyone in the office has).

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