One Virus I Cant Get Rid Of! Help!

By MartinLetain
Dec 17, 2009
  1. Ive never had problems before in the past removing viruses and malware. One scan with malwarebytes and everything was ok. But a few days ago I had another attack on my computer and scanned with malwarebytes and selected to remove all. After doing so, I still had the google redirect, as well as not being able to download any updates from microsoft, couldnt download internet explorer 8 and could not download windows live messanger. However I am able to visit any other sites and download any other programs. I tried reinstalling windows xp by doing a full format installation but the problem still persists. But now, when i try installing my audio driver (realtekhd) it always keeps asking me to insert the cd when before it never did. It would always just install fine after getting the driver straight from the gateway website. I would really appreciate somebodies help...
  2. MartinLetain

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    one more thing i forgot to add is that when i use malwarebytes now for this new virus or any other anti spyware program for that matter, even seems to make my computer worse. Too the point I cant connect to the internet anymore or visit any sites at all. So I have to keep reinstalling xp. So for the last 2 days I havent ran any anti spyware or anti virus programs as they seem to make my computer worse by deleting the found problems... i also attatched the mbam log
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