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Jun 1, 2005
  1. i have windows 98 and everytime i try to play anarchy online an error comes up i have tried a video card update but it still doesn't work.....i think i have a SiS 530 .......something like that....... is there another update i need or do i have to get a new card.
  2. JustinPS

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    I'm sure that you need a new card.

    I had an old SiS (or Savage...I forget) card and I tried to play go on that venture. It doesn't have any of the features (Direct3D, openGL, etc) that any "newer" cards have, and those are the features that 3D games, such an Anarchy Online, use, and thus need, from a graphics card.

    I would suggest, if you're on a fairly modest budget, a 9600 or 9600 XT. If you have a little more cash, get a 9700 or even 9700 Pro. Any of these will make Anarchy run like a breeze (well...breezy enough), and 9600's cost around $50-75 on eBay, while XT's are above that.

  3. CluelessGoddess

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    Thanks........... can someone install the graphic card themselves.
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    Yes and it is pretty easy. You have to first check and see what grahpics port you have. I am not familar with that card, but if i had to guess it would prob. be a AGP or PCI. (or depending on the age, and ISA.) To do this, you could open your case, and physically look (if its an AGP it will have a small plastic hook on the end of the slot) or use a program. One of those programs is everest and can be found here

    Post back with the type of port you have.

  5. CluelessGoddess

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    It has a PCI port
  6. Bobcat1132

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    first thing that you need to do is uninstall the drivers for your current card and then make sure you unplug the power cord from your computer and you have no static on you at all and you will need a phillips screw driver. you then need to uninstall your current card and firmly but not too harsh place the graphics card in pci bus most and then screw in the card with one of the screws they give you. you will then see a four pin connector that you will need to connect. if you have any female four pin connectors that are open insert the male in the female and you will be fine. if you dont you will need to nuconnect something else and then connect it that way. you shouldnt have to connect anything else except for the monitor. boot up your computer and follow the instructions for the drivers and use your driver cd to install them and you should be on your way good luck
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