Opening WAVs and MP3s...

By lvdrew702
Sep 16, 2007
  1. Kind of new at this so I'll be as descriptive as possible:

    !@#$%*$#@! Windows XP opens and plays WAVs and MP3s just fine. But in the type column they both say "MP3" if I go to "File Types" and change the WAVs file type over to a WAV file, then they both say "WAV" and vyysa-versa. It's driving me crazy. Any suggestions?
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    wat exactly is your problem?
    assuming you're opening both .wav and .mp3 in the same player, like windows media player.
    i say, no matter wat you rename the extension as, it will still play because your player supports playback for both extension types.
    in other words...
    if you rename a file with extension .wav to .rm [real media] and play it in windows media player, it will still play the file because the media player can play the files encoded in wave format but not ones encoded in real media player format.
    you're simply renaming the extension. not encoding it in another format.
    try this... get a file encoded in real media format.
    rename it to .wav and play it in windows media player.
    it wont work unless you have installed the codecs for windows media player to support playback feature of real media format files.
  3. lvdrew702

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    Opening .wavs and mp3s...

    Thank you for your response, I'm sorry for not posting the details correctly.

    I use "winamp" for MP3s, and I use "sndrec32" for WAVs.

    I've been doing it like this for years and never had a problem until XP suddenly got a mind of it's own.

    The biggest pain is if you are in a directory with a mixture of WAVs and MP3s, the whole column says "WAV File" If you click on an MP3 you get a message that says, "sndrec32 cannot open song1.MP3 because it is not a valid wav file." If you switch the file type over to open MP3s with winamp, suddenly all the files in the column switch over to MP3 and now winamp opens them all.


    P.S. Media player sucks... I only use it for mpegs.
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