Opera 12 new (unwanted) tab openings with home and search in OS X

By SNGX1275
Aug 8, 2012
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  1. So, I upgraded from 11.x to 12.00 and then to 12.01 on my Mac laptop running Lion 10.7.4. Prior to the upgrade when I hit the Home button, it would take me there in that current tab. The same thing with the search bar, if I typed something into that and hit enter, it would display results in that tab.

    Since the 12 upgrade, doing either of those opens a new tab with the home page or search results rather than keeping that activity in the current tab. This is becoming an annoyance.

    I have searched the about:config (Opera calls it Opera:config) and could not find anything about that. I have tried to replicate the problem in Opera 12.00 in Windows 7 and could not.

    Any ideas on where to look for a 'setting' for this, or perhaps a config file that I can delete? I'll wait a bit and see if I get any responses. Just as I was typing this I remembered OS X has .plist files which are preferences, so I can try to delete that and see if it fixes it, but I'll likely lose some other things I'd like to keep. So if there was a setting I'm overlooking that would be ideal.
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    I also use Opera as my main browser, version 12.01 but in XP Pro SP3.

    I remember you had a similar issue before, here:
    In fact, from what I understand, it seems the opposite problem, namely you then wanted the use of a new tab whereas now the use of the current tab.

    If you want use of the current tab, all I can advise you is the standard:
    Tools > Preferences… > Advanced > Tabs
    Tick “Reuse current tab”

    In my case it’s ticked and when I use the (Google) search bar, it opens in the same tab.
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  3. SNGX1275

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    Yep. This is why I still post here for help, thanks a lot, that simple box was the solution. I overlooked it.

    When it comes to Opera and pages not working, I often overthink it because sometimes it just doesn't work. It didn't help that just as I posted that this problem occured:
    That doesn't seem to be happening anymore.
  4. bobcat

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    I’m glad you got fixed. :)

    Personally, I choose Opera because I like its feel, speed and security. I’ve also found that many experienced surfers think like I do. But it hasn’t been all positive experiences as regards its stability and site compatibility. In fact, almost each new major version of Opera brings new surprises for me, mostly in the form of new problems. But they somehow seem to get fixed after a while.

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