Opera launches all-you-can-eat subscription-based app store

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opera free app store apps subscription mobile apps subscription mobile store

The mobile app business model has gone largely unchanged since its inception. Developers typically either offer their apps for a one-time fee or make them free to use and collect revenue via in-app advertising or microtransactions.

Opera Software – the company responsible for the Opera browser – has come up with a new approach to apps that has found a ton of success in other markets: subscriptions.

opera free app store apps subscription mobile apps subscription mobile store

Opera is pitching its Subscription Mobile Store directly to operators. Participating operators would be able to brand Opera’s app store as their own which would let subscribers download an unlimited number of apps for one weekly rate.

Under the white label program, Opera takes care of virtually all of the operational and administrative overhead including KPIs, developer payments and back-office marketing support. The company also promises that a constant rotation of popular apps in the Top Apps list will keep customers coming back.

Many would likely be surprised to learn that Opera operates the third largest mobile storefront in the world – second only behind offerings from Apple and Google – with nearly 300,000 apps. Most major platforms are supported which translates to compatibility with some 6,000 phones.

Would you be interested in a mobile app store subscription that’d let you download an unlimited number of apps? If so, what would be the sweet spot in terms of pricing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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