Opera launches new webmail service, My Opera Mail

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Apr 8, 2011
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  1. Opera Software has launched a new web-based email service that includes many features from the company’s acquisition of web-based email provider Fastmail.fm. Starting today anyone with a My Opera, Opera Link or Opera Unite account will have access to an @myopera.com email address using the same user name and password through the site https://mail.opera.com/ -- and anyone who doesn't currently have an Opera account can get one from there.

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  2. +1. Been a long time opera user. Might try it over later
  3. A lot of years ago I had an opera email account... I abandoned it because intrusive adds and only 3M of free space for many years. I hope now is much better. But I'm very happy with gmail account.
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    Sorry, Opera. I used to be a loyal fan, but Firefox stole me over back in 2008... But this at least makes me want to take a look...
  6. fpsgamerJR62

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    I use Opera 11 as my primary browser on my XP SP3 box so it will be probably be worth looking into. Anyway, I could another web-based e-mail account. I wonder how much storage they're allocating per user.
  7. No matter what they add to that browser it will continue to be completely worthless until they provide a way to block Adware Tracking Cookies. In Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer I block all cookies except at sites where I have log in accounts. I used to get over 300 adware tracking cookies everyday, now I get none. The Better Privacy Addon for Firefox will automatically delete LSOs (Flash Cookies) and the flash player log file. Adblock Plus Addon for Firefox and Chrome will also block over 40,000 malicious web sites.

    Until Opera and Safari for Windows offers these vital security measures they will not be installed on my computers. :(

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