Origami-inspired mouse folds flat when not in use

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In a nutshell: Those with a penchant for peculiar PC peripherals may be interested in a new project on Kickstarter called Air.0. It's an origami-inspired foldable computer mouse that sounds a bit gimmicky at first glance. Dig deeper, however, and you'll likely come away impressed or at least intrigued.

Air.0 claims to be a full-size mouse without the bulkiness of a traditional pointer. Laid flat, it measures just 4.5mm across 97 percent of its surface (the sensor bulge is 10mm) and weighs 40 grams (about 1.4 ounces). Fold it in origami-style and it magnetically snaps together to activate, creating a sturdy full-size mouse with mechanical click buttons and a scroll pad sensor.

The pointer features gliders on the bottom at each point of contact for improved fluidity and control, and connects wirelessly using Bluetooth 5.2. Battery life is said to be rated at up to three months and you can get a full three hours of usage out of a one-minute charge via USB-C.

The outer layer is constructed of water resistant vegan leather offered in a variety of colors and textures. Dirt and grime can easily be wiped away with a cleaning cloth, and we are told the leather is durable enough to maintain its integrity after extensive folding.

Powering the mouse is an HD infrared sensor with a tracking speed of up to 30 inches per second. CPI is rated at 4,000.

Air.0 likely isn't going to replace a proper desktop pointer but for digital nomads or those that insist on a physical full-size mouse that does not take up much space and weighs next to nothing, this could be a viable option.

The Kickstarter is based out of Hong Kong with a modest goal just shy of $10,000. With 23 days remaining, Air.0 has already far exceeded expectations with over $87,500 pledged as of writing. A commitment of 385 Hong Kong Dollars (around $49) secures an early bird reward that includes an Air.0 mouse in your choice of a dozen different colors.

The Air.0 mouse is expected to enter mass production in January 2023 and ship to the first wave of early backers in March.

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Omg that video feels like it was pulled straight out of an "As seen on TV" commercial. They just need to add on something like "But wait! if you call in the next hour, we'll include two ______s for free! That's an $400 value for only $50!!" Also move all the supposed problems with mice dropped from unknown heights or too big to fit in bags to the very beginning as a premise for introducing this mouse. You'll get there!

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Why do I get the feeling that this thing will eventually break and be unable to hold itself up? Probably experience from seeing things with too many moving parts.


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This is...kind of brilliant, actually. If it works reasonably well, which depends entirely on build quality, I could see it being copied extensively.


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Interesting concept, I hope it actually works well. I am never a fan of negative comparison ads. Also I prefer carnivore leather ;P


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Yup it's a thing. It's either made from polyurethane, pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other fruit waste recycled plastic - not sure how they can call it leather though.