OS doesnt recognize sata drive

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This is my first post here so i hope its in the right place otherwise i appoligize in advance. MY PROBLEM:: So i just finished building my computer GIGABYTE GA-K8N-SLI, AMD 64 3000+, and dual 250gig Hitachi SATA HD's. I did the whole driver copy on a floppy and as OS setup is going hit f6 then s and the whole nine everything goes through fine until where it should ask me where to install the OS. Instead i get a screend telling me that no HD's were detected and to check cables and so on. Now BIOS recognizes the HD's because if i go into the f10 raid option they are both there but thats are far as ive gotten any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx in advance.


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This motherboard has 8 SATA connectors. 4 are powered by the nVidia southbridge, the 4 others by the extra 3rd party controller. Make sure you have the proper drivers for the controller to which the SATA drives are connected.
No my motherboard only has 4 sata conectors all nvidia and i dowloaded the driver from gigabytes website for the nvidia sata controller and it still doesnt recognize my hd's
yes it is. so ive been messing around with it and once all of a sudden it worked it recognized both of my hardrives and it asked me where i wanted to install xp and when i looked at the first hd it had a partition and i deleted it cause i didnt know what it was and then it asked me to formatt the hd so i did it took for ever and wheb it was done the computer reebooted and now im back to the same problem what the hell is going on.
The same problem

Hey Man,
I just wondering that how you get rid of the problems...cos I got exactly the same one now...could you please help me out? Many thank..
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