OS X Mountain Lion to get automated, daily security updates


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It appears that Apple has a fresh perspective on security updates, with the iconic Cupertino-based company adding a new automated security update tool in the latest update to its OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview operating system, now only a……

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Well, at least they accept they aren't the all-mighty in terms of system security. They could be very close-minded about it and never do this, even with more and more threats coming out. Daily security updates is not a weakness, is the proof they want to give users the best experience possible without compromising security. [I'm not an Apple fanboy - don't own anything from them]


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Mac people just hope that they don't do another thunderbolt driver "accident". Apple isn't known for good and fast drivers........


Daily automated security updates sounds like a security exploit waiting to happen


This is crap publicity. What is the difference between having a program that download the patch and posting the patch on a web site? Wow if it take Apple 3 months to publish a patch on there web site, who will believe that the patch will be download automatically in less time. This is purely done to let fanboy think there system are safe. Yes my system is safe, I have the program from Apple that download the patch every day. Apple is so funny. Yes I dislike Apple, not for there products but for the overprice and there way to try to control everything. I had an iphone and could not even install a simple apps because Apple didnt want, they think people are too dumb to understand multitasking.