OSHA slaps Tesla with $29,365 fine following alleged Model 3 production 'tent' safety...


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Unfortunately, when it rains, it pours, and Tesla is about to learn that lesson the hard way. The company has been fined $29,365 in California for allegedly violating the state's Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) rules with its Model 3 production "tent," which was set up in the parking lot of Tesla's Fremont factory.

Two of the biggest concerns OSHA has with Tesla's Model 3 tent relate to two workplace hazards in particular: a 22-inch wide hole in the ground, as well as several metal rods that allegedly posed an "impalement" hazard.

Of course, those two complaints alone probably wouldn't be enough to merit a $30,000 fine - OSHA found Tesla's safety standards lacking in numerous other areas, as well.

Tesla responded to OSHA's concerns by saying that the organization's last safety inspection occurred while the tent was still under construction, thus working conditions were significantly more chaotic than they are now. The company intends to fight OSHA's findings, and hopefully avoid the near-$30,000 fine.

Of course, even if Tesla is forced to pay the penalty, it probably won't affect its bottom line too much. Though Tesla might be struggling, $30,000 is likely a mere drop in the bucket. As such, its resistance to OSHA's fine is likely a matter of principle, not penny-pinching.

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Oh WOW. $30K?!? That is SURE to convince tesla to not do this again!

How pathetic. Is OSHA filled with a bunch of pussies? Fine them a proper amount, like $300M, or dont bother.


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They have taken various cost-cutting decisions, I'm sure they dont want to be hit at all with that 30K+ fine.


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When a company cut cost in production, I'm sure they don't want to pay any fines. The point in OSHA is to continue paying fines until the topics have been dealt with. The 30K for the moment is perfect, as it could be increased at any time.


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