Outbound speed problem/Done all checks

By addman8
Jul 30, 2006
  1. I am having serious lag with any outbound applications and general computer sluggishness.

    I have run through all the checks, sweeps, etc. to no avail.

    Any thoughts?

    HJT log attached.

  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Your HJT log is clean.

    However, I noticed a couple of Symantec entries in your log. You should go to add remove programmes and make sure everything Symantec is uninstalled. This is because you are using Trend micro as your antivirus/firewall software and the Symantec entries may be conflicting with it.

    Regards Howard :)

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  3. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    I took a quick look through the log and it looks fairly clean.

    Here's some questions that might help everyone out if you can take a moment to answer them. If you have any other information you can volunteer, that would be very helpful as well. :)

    Have you tried plugging up directly to your modem and bypassing your router?
    What kind of network interface do you use (wireless, wired... ?)
    What kind of connection are you on?
    How did you determine your connection is slow?
    What do you do on the Internet that is being slow?
    Do you use P2P sharing programs, like Bittorrent, Kazaa, etc..?
    Did it run fine at one time, but all of a sudden slow down?
    Do you have a another computer to test your connection with, or is just this computer in particular?
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