Outlook EXPRESS settings to mozilla firefox.

By suby007
Jun 11, 2007
  1. I have this problem in my internet explorer that search engines don't work, i can't delete nor send emails on neither webmail nor outlook express. I 've now downloaded mozilla firefox and everything's working fine except for outlook express. Outlook Express can't access the mail server because it connects through Internet Explorer probably. Can anyone tell me what should i do??
  2. mopar man

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    You may have a Spyware/Virus problem. Go to the Security forum and read the stickys, then post there.
  3. suby007

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    hey mate,
    i got Kaspersky antivirus fully updated. and spywaredoctor fully updated. around 2 weeks back, during boot there was an error regarding 2 missing files, namely, kernel.dll and hal.dll.
    i tried repairing the windows but it didnt go. so i gave my pc to some guy for OS installation. he installed Xp 2002 Sp2 with minimal features. it doesn't show any thing when i click on Add/remove programs. Google isnt working same is with all other search engines... but all sites are working fine on MOzilla Firefox including search engines.
    I have a bootable dvd of Windows Xp Professional Black Edition(Customized to look like VISTA). so i want to know can i repair my OS with Windows Black Edition. and will all the programs in directories show up the same way after reparing?
  4. Tedster

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    outlook express does not use IE7. You hasve to understand how mail programs work. They use ports and addresses.

    Download thunderbird. Get all the ports, servers (both incoming and outgoing) for your email. This info you will need to get from your email provider.

    There are many email viri out there as well. Mopars advice was also good.
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