Outlook express will not send to Verizon

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I have a client with an issue in both outlook express and thunderbird. The problem form two computer they can not send to any of their contacts with verizon email. I do not get an smtp error. I am stumped.

I did talk to a verzon tech and he said to try and send from safe mode. I have not done that, but something is werid.

Any suggestions?



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First, SMTP uses port 25 for tcp output; make sure your firewall is open for it.

Can they send to ANY client -- even you? If so, you/they may have a DNS issue.
Email uses DNS to find the IP address of the ISP SMTPD used to forward email.
It can take several name but it is always associated with the ISP Domain, eg
mail.roadrunner.com for the ISP roadrunner.com and i've seen
smtp.xxx.yyy or smtp-server.xxx.yyy

This setting is on the account Server Settings of Thunderbird ... copy it and then

get a command prompt and attempt ping xxx.yyy.zzz from that setting.

If you can't ping it, then you can send either, but this would be 100% lost,
ie can't send to anyone.


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I have not tried ping cmd on the smtp server. However, I do know that they can send to other email accounts, but not verizon email accounts. From their account fpaulett@verizon.net to my account adambcohen@verizon.net it acts as if it goes out, but I never receive it. Now if I send it from verizon's web account it works.

It is not only in outlook express 6, but thunderbird as well. I do not get it. Could be something in xp blocking those accounts?



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no. If you can send (ie move an email to the ISP) then your local system can not
impact the final destinitaion of that email.

you say you can send from the Verison Webmail. Have you tried sending to yourself?
Send a message from your XP to your email address and immediately quite Firefox.
Now logon to the webmail. You should find it setting in your inbox but it may take a few seconds.
If not, then you did not send from XP to yourself.


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Same problem

I am having the same problem with verizon.net. All of a sudden, three computers we use in our church can no longer send any email to any email using verizon.net. It doesn't matter if we send from Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird. We do not get any error message, the email just doesn't go through to the verizon.net email address. Strange thing is we use Verizon.net as our ISP. If we send from Verizon Webmail, then it goes through. If I take my notebook to another location and get onto the Internet through somewhere else, then the email goes through. ANy suggestions???


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hum; getting interesting. Of course these are stable systems and have been working
correctly for some time (including no change in your ISP)?

What firewall are you using? Are all three systems using the same?

Pick one system as a test machine and try HouseCall

It will download a small program and scan your system for issues.


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We have used Verizon DSL for over 5 years and have made no changes in anything recently. We use AVG on all three machines and Windows Firewall, no changes there. We even removed AVG completely from one machine and tried that, no luck.

We did call Linksys today to see if the problem might have anything to do with the router. They worked on it for an hour or so, but to no avail. they are sending a new modem, free of charge. But I have my doubts as to whether this will help. All other email and internet functions are working fine.

Will download and try Housecall. Not familiar with this but will try anything at this point.


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I don't know how familiar you are with network sniffers (tools that let you capture, save, view and interpret the network data between your computer and other computers))

I'd install a network sniffer. Wireshark is excellent.

Start Wireshark data capture of traffic over the LAN connection
Send your email
Stop data capture
Use Wireshark filter functions to do things like
- Only display SMTP network data, or
- Only display data between you and the email server

You should now be able to compare the message traffic for the case when the email send works vs. when sending it doesn't work. This should help determine what's really happening with the data and what is or is not getting through (at least in seeing what if any response the email server provides in the two cases)


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Okay, we downloaded Wireshark and captured data while we sent email from the location where it works. Not having used Wireshard before, we don't know how to save the captured data to a file that we can read and compare later. We tried saving to a .txt file, but all that gave us was hexadecimal. How do we save it so we can read it later?



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I’ll suggest the following steps
  1. Open Wireshark
  2. I forget Wireshark defaults but we’ll set it for viewing two display panes: Packet List and Packet Details. Click View and see Packet List and Details are checked. Packet Bytes unchecked.
  3. Click Capture -> Options
    • Make sure the pull down shown for Capture Interface indicates your LAN connection
    • The following should be checked (others unchecked)
      • Capture packets in promiscuous mode
      • Update list of packets in real time
      • Automatic scrolling
      • Enable MAC name resolution
      • Enable transport resolution
      • Click Start to begin capture. Data is displayed and scrolled
  4. Send your emails then stop the capture. Click File -> Save As
    • Save As type should already default to libpcap
    • Now look at the Packet Range radio buttons. If you set them to Captured and All Packets you will save all your data. Or once it's filtered you can set the radio buttons to be selective and just save what is displayed (for example)
    • Fill in a file name and click Save
    • To save text output use File -> Export -> File. Note you get the radio buttons to decide what will exported. If it creates a file with no extension rename it to make it a .txt. You should be able to open it with notepad and view it.

• You can play with Wireshark's display filter functions to see how you can filter the display down to what you’re interested in.
• Try selecting a line in the Packet List or Packet Details then right click. Select Apply as Filter. Note all the filter choices to create a new filter or create AND/OR conditions among multiple filters to get the display down to what you ultimately want.


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Did you ever find a solution with the Verizon accounts in Outlook Express that were unable to send/receive from other Verizon accounts? If so I am I am in the same situation. Thanks


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I've also been wondering how this all turned out (or is it still a problem?)

1) Did you find a reason and/or solution for your problems with Verizon email accounts.

2) Did you have a chance to use Wireshark to compare the results of the two different situations and did it reveal anything?


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What I found out was that with fios that the firewall on the actiontech router was set to high and that I had to let verizon.net through. So firewall settings on the router or on the computer might be an issue.
Also, if service pack 3 was load on as update look into that.



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AHHH firewalls. The widows default fw is basically setup for
allow nothing inbound
allow everything outbound​
This works for a great many things as the first action for eg: email (sending or receiving)
is when your software opens the ISP port (either 25 or 110). This is an outbound
action and the reply will be allowed to flow inbound *on the existing connection*.

A good firewall requires you to specifically set rules for everything, eg
  • port 67,68 (dhcp) in/outbound
  • port 53 (dns) in/outbound
  • port 80, 443 (web browsing) outbound
  • ports 25, 110, & 143 (email) outbound

Now place a *good* firewall in the router to the ISP and you need to
set these rules for yourself.


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I have a similar problem with sending emails from OE 6 via comcast.net to any @verizon.net (FIOS) contacts that started very suddenly. I did not have any problem with these contacts prior to approximately two weeks ago from this date 3/25/2009. Additionally this problem may be unique to my system.
I was able to send to & receive from all email contacts except I could not send to @verizon.net contacts. There were no "mail failure" messages.

After talking to those contacts it was discovered that my emails were going into the "spam" folder on the Verizon email server and thus not passed on to their home email programs. After they placed me on their "safe list" located under "my settings >mail>blocking>safe list" on the Verizon email server, operation returned to normal. I do not know at this time why this problem suddenly occurred but this appears to be a work around for me at this time.

Note: One of the Verizon contacts indicated that my emails were not in the spam folder, however, their options were set to delete spam immediately and thus not showing up in their spam folder.


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very good follow-up, demonstrating that local settings by the user can create symptoms that are not easily seen.
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