Outlook XP - Not saving Sent Mail Items

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Jan 28, 2004
  1. 'lo all

    My outlook XP is not saving the sent mail items, even though I have ticked the appropriate boxes in the Options/Advanced Options to 'Save Sent Mail'.

    Can anyone advise what I may be missing?

    Your assistance is most appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. Steverz

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  3. tomnann

    tomnann TS Rookie

    I have the same thing happening!

    I have noticed during the past month or two that when I create an email using a "mailto" link on a web page, that Outlook Express will NOT put the email in my "sent" folder. All other emails that I create in Outlook are saved. This is very frustrating! Can anyone tell me what is wrong? I'm using Windows XP.
  4. poertner_1274

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    That doesn't make any sense to me, because you are using Outlook to send the email, unless there is some sort of flag that the web programmer has put in there to not allow to save to your Sent Items folder. But if it is happening on all sites, then it's something different cause I"m sure all aren't programmed that way. One simple solution, is to copy the email address filled in by the web page and create a new email and paste it in there. Not a fix, but a temporary work around.

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  5. tomnann

    tomnann TS Rookie

    mailto emails

    That's the workaround I've been using if I really need my outgoing email saved. I've tried a number of web pages and sent test emails by changing the "to" address, and it never saves the emails! Maybe I need to re-install Outlook. I was just hoping that enough other people had this problem that someone could explain what's happening. I've tried unchecking and re-checking "save outgoing emails" but it doesn't help.
  6. genkidave

    genkidave TS Rookie

    I have the same problem. From last nite I dont have a copy of my messages going into my send. I unchecked the box in the options menu and rechecked again after exciting and starting again but its still the same. There is not connection with the problem and the email accounts as it does it to all my email accounts. Its seems to be bug of some kind.
  7. genkidave

    genkidave TS Rookie

    Back again. Solved the problem. Theres a 2Gig limit on the sent folder. I just created a new folder called sentbackup (call it whatever) and moved all the msg's to the new folder and now its all working again. Hope this helps someone else. Cheers
  8. lamusic

    lamusic TS Rookie

    I have tried deleting my outlook express outbox and sent mail but it won't help. When I save my sent mail it sends out 20 copies of the email and never moves it from "outgoing mail" to "sent mail". When I uncheck the box to save sent mail, at least it sends out the email only once but I can't figure out how to fix this. Does anyone know?
  9. sunshyne1804

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    Thanks for this, I deleted a load of big files reducing the limit and guess what it worked. I now have the sent messages appearing in the sent box. Thanks a bunch you saved a big headache.
  10. Tedster

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    you might want to give thunderbird a try - it's much better than outlook.
  11. Toink

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    yes, as tedster says, you may want to give thunderbird a try as an alternative to outlook.

    maybe you can take a look here to find some solution if there is.
  12. Mwangi

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    I have managed to get my sent Items,

    Just create a folder in outlook, Right click Sent Items..Advanced find. under messages put the option of sent from as the user and Time put sent. Proceed to find and this will display all the items. Copy all the items to the folder you created.

    At least it sorted my immediate problem

  13. jobeard

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    Somehow people forget all about the Send File and treat it as an infinite buck for
    storing old correspondence.

    Systems have limits and that includes FILE SIZE. Sadly, a great many email programs
    store messages in one file per email folder, eg the Inbox is one file, Sent folder is one file.
    This clearly leads to a day in which the I/O to the Sent file will fail.
    The only solution for this condition is to Archive Sent messages and or to delete
    messages, say all messages from last year.

    Outlook has a feature to Archive.

    While discussing Email, Files and Systems, I might note that when you delete an
    email message from the Inbox, it does not actually get physically delete but ONLY MARKED for deletion.
    The Inbox remains the same size and it too will fill up. To actually delete email requires that the Inbox be COMPRESSED :)
    In Outlook, this takes place with the archive and each fold (Inbox, Sent, Calendar, ...)
    can have it's own archive criteria and schedule
  14. westcoastebb

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    I experienced the same problem - Outlook 2003 was automatically deleting messages from my Sent Items folder. After searching the web for possible fixes, (and trying them) - I ended up using the Inbox Repair Tool located on the Microsoft website [I am unable to post a link, as I am a newbie], and so far my problem seems to be fixed. Good luck, E.
  15. bysrunsmylife

    bysrunsmylife TS Rookie

    another possibility

    I also thought my sent mail was not being saced. Turns out the system date somehow got set back one month. Sent mail was being saved but under the sysdate.
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