Overclocking a GeForce FX 5500

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Jun 21, 2007
  1. Hey, guys. I have a question: What is the overclockability of a GeForce FX 5500 PCI graphics card running at stock cooling? Is it even worth it? What if that card were in a system with a 250W PSU running near it's limit? Would adjusting the latency settings improve the smoothness of the graphics (and eliminate jerkiness that I commonly see in the Sims 2 with the neighborhood fly-in at 1024x768)? If you must know, this is System #1 in my profile.
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    I would imagine that any system that you run is barely running stable on 250 watts of power. The overclock on that card is limited, but is even more limited by your ambients temps.
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    I'd first try to identify if the issue you are seeing is related to video/3d performance. Sims2 is a CPU/memory hog in most ways and under 1 gig of ram, you may just simply be seeing swap/pagefile choppiness depending on your neighborhood and installed expansions.

    Try reducing resolution to 800x600 for a test and see if this improves performance. That's close to a 40% reduction in pixels so you should experience a similar performance improvement if your issue is purely videocard related. More likely, it's your CPU and/or memory.
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    Hmmm...I always thought that...I heard that the Celeron is VERY bad at game processing...are the new Celeron Ds faster than the version currently in my computer? I already know what type of processor would work in it (Pentium 4 2.4gHZ Northwood core, I think). I don't know...the system isn't unstable, except at points of heavy usage when it slows down to a crawl...I think it's because the processor's pins are bent (I took it out by mistake, and apparently, my little brother tried to put it back in)...Any thoughts?
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    Celeron D chips have a larger L2 Cache making it a faster CPU.
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    Any thoughts on my previous post?
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    bent pins anywhere in a pc are bad, might want to get anew.
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