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Jan 2, 2004
  1. I decided to overclock my fx 5200 since its a cheap card newayz i got coolbits and i went to my Nvidia video options-clock frequenices and saw that there was a tab that said -Performance (3d) and - standard (2d) the performance had a better clock frequency wat do these mean and which ones should i move up to overclock?
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    The 2D refers to the speeds applied to the core/mem while working on your desktop ( hence the term 2D ) & the second setting is for when a full screen 3D app is detected ( games & whatnot ).

    It was introduced with the FX5800 as a technique to get the blow-dryer to be a bit less noisy when working or simply surfing.

    In other words, play around with the ones in the 3D section.

    PS. Maybe you should read on & try to get more info for it seems you don't really know much of what you're getting into.;)
  3. tripleione

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    You should never change the 2D clocks because they are only used while doing non-3D operations such as surfing the internet or checking your e-mail. 3D clocks take over as soon as the video card is called upon to do operations.

    If you want to overclock, use the 3D core and memory clocks and raise them about 4-5MHz at a time until you get to the point where either you start getting artifacts (objects on the screen that are not supposed to be there, such as dots or fuzz) or your system freezes. Once you get to that point, start going down 1-2MHz again until you find a stable clockspeed to work with.

    Take note that not every application might work with one clock speed. You may have to try and re-try to find a speed that will work with every game or application.
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    i overclocked it to 326/415 i think i could go farther with the memory comparing my results with others. but the nvidia overclock thing "coolbits" makes me test settings and it wont allow me to overclock the memory further is there a way to bypass this?
  5. tripleione

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    Use a different program such as PowerStrip or RivaTuner.
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