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Mar 4, 2002
  1. Hi, I am wanting to get a fan for my GF2 Ultra(to OC of course). I was wondering, do I get the new 'Orb' fan(the Crystal Orb) or some other 50mm fan. I can buy something like a 50mm, P3 cooler w/heatsink and fan or just a 50mm fan. Will the copper base and nickel plating really help? What do i get, the C-Orb or some other 50mm fan?
    Thx ^_^;)

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    Which CPU=better?
  2. uncleel

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  3. ---agissi---

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    Yes but what do i go for? a 50mm PIII Fan or a Crystal Orb. The Orb has no heatsinks and u can get 50mm P3 fans that have heatsinks and a more powerful fan for the same price. Would a P3 fan be better cooling wise? Or would the COrb beacuse its Nickel plated, and so on.:dead: :confused: :confused: :dead:
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    I'm not one to say, "YeaH, Go FeR iT DuDe" but rather give you a link & food for thought. Maybe a lil' web research is in order.
    I would study all the options for card cooling a GeF2 Ultra. Either a replacement fan or one of those ad-on cooler rigs. Even emailing customer support @ these sites for advice is an option. It's not the size of the fan, it's the volume (cfm) I don't think your GeF2 wil survive a hammer & screwdriver replacement surgery, so study all "reasonable" options carefully.
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    :rolleyes:/;) Yes I think I'll do that(e-mail customer support).
    i LuV 'UT' t0o.
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    personally i'd go with the crystal orb - should give you a very good overclock as long as you use decent paste/epoxy. i think a p3 heatsink/fan combo is a little bit of overkill for a graphics card but each to their own - it could be fun plonking one them onto to your gfx card - just watch out for it taking out some pci slots (!) and how would you fix it on? epoxy? or screws?

  7. uncleel

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    Good advice; more or less what I was getting it. You put it so logically & politely I'm sure he'll understand now.
  8. ---agissi---

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    OK, Ill get the CO. Also I will be using Artic Silver II and screws to keep it on:D Is 'Overkill' a bad thing? What do you mean by that? A bit over the top on cooling? The cooler the better:p
  9. Vehementi

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    Check out one of these for video card cooling :grinthumb
  10. uncleel

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    Read the Links!

    If your card is a finned heat sink, no. If flat surface, Artic Silver Adhesive to attach the orbs. If your replacing the current fan, straight swap.
  11. ---agissi---

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    Im replacing my current fan...Will I need new ASII to that or will whats left on the GPU be ok? its a tiny heatsink with a tiny fan over it. Its also held on my Push Pins, which the Crystal Orb comes with.
  12. SamuearlJackson

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    you should really only need some arctic silver/alumina epoxy mixed 1:1 w/ your as2 to hold the crystal orb on. clean the gpu core with acetone (nail varnish remover) or something similar to remove all trace of the old paste and then apply your epoxy/paste mix in a thin layer on the gpu core. all you need to do then is pop the crystal orb on top, provide a bit of pressure, and after a few minutes Bob will be your Uncle:)

    make sure your crystal orb is flat - when i put a blue orb on a graphics card a while back it was pretty concave and required a good hour of lapping.

  13. ---agissi---

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  14. svtcobra

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    I havent seen any improvement over the stock cooling on my Leadtek Geforce 3. I got a Blue Orb kit and it overclocked the same and ran the same benchmarks as the oem cooling. I think better ram cooling is money well spent but cooling the GPU doesnt help to much.
  15. ---agissi---

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    and its a Gateway moniter! AHHH! YOU NEED HELP FFAASSTT
  16. ---agissi---

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    the fast thing took me like 10mins...LOL
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