P5W DH Deluxe, 5.1 not working

By ImPhyxius
Aug 17, 2010
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  1. I had windows 7 untill yesterday when i installed xp for better speeds but I cant the 5.1 to work, can just get 2 speakers to run(nothing with with the speakers since it works with tv)
    I've downloaded the newest drivers from realteks website and asus website noone of them works for this. I got an old 5.1 speakers, Jazz speakers for dolby digital 5.1 system.

    I'm unable to post pictures/links so speakers: jazz9902
    The decoder: J and S Jazz Speakers DE-003 decoder

    So all cables is connected to the decoder that makes it only one cable to the pc wich is in the green hole, tried all others too but no success.
    In the asus realtek thingy I've set it as 6CH speakers and 5.1, and everything else too
    At 6CH the right and left speaker works only
    At 5.1 I don't get any sounds at all

    Suggestions? :/

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