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By PacificNWComput
Aug 6, 2009

    A lot of computer stores these days have a strict "my way or the highway" type of service structure that they force on to their customers. Though we firmly believe the programs that we use are the most effective to use, if you have a program you swear by or you have to use Norton Corporate because your company says so; we will do as you please!
    " Your personal needs and desires are of the utmost importance to Pacific NorthWest Computers because our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and your return business! "
    We want to assist you in clearly understanding your computer problems, issues and errors as well as help educate you to prevent problems from occurring down the road!
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    I suspect advertising is not allowed on this forum.
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    Just saying hello!

    I though that the forum was for new members to introduce themselves; I'm sorry the wording and text make it look "Spam" like, but I am merely making a splash for myself and my business on the forum....
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