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Packard Bell makes it easier to stay connected with its new 950-gram notebook

By Jos
Sep 4, 2007

    • Xtra Smart: Full-size keyboard, touch pad, built-in webcam and memory card reader
    • Xtra Strong: Full-featured windows and 3-hour battery life (with Wi-Fi on)
    • Xtra Small: 950 grams and 30mm thin
    Packard Bell, one of the leading consumer electronics brands in Europe, today announced the launch of its new EasyNote XS, a 7-inch notebook which combines advanced portability with a full featured PC running Windows XP Home Edition. Designed to be your everyday mobile companion, it’s the perfect choice for mobile users that find full-sized notebooks too big and PDAs too limited.

    “For all of us who wants to stay connected in a comfortable way, this is the perfect companion” says Emmanuel Fromont, Sales & Marketing Vice President, Packard Bell. “It has all the functionalities of a notebook – it just happens to be very small.”

    "VIA is extremely pleased to have Packard Bell choose our VIA C7-M Ultra Mobile Platform as the core of the EasyNote XS” says Richard Brown, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. "Packard Bell customers are sure to appreciate the extended productivity and creativity enabled by the small form factor and the long battery life."

    XS = Xtra Smart

    The EasyNote XS is ideal for a wide range of mobile applications. The built-in Wi-Fi and VGA webcam make it perfect for video chat. The cleverly positioned touchpad and buttons make it easy to use the EasyNote XS on the move, no matter where you are! The stereo speakers mean users are never without their favourite music. The build-in 4-in-1 memory card reader makes it easy to download photos from a digital camera or share music. And thanks to the two USB 2.0 connectors, it is easy to add peripherals such as external storage devices, optical disc drives and printers.

    XS = Xtra Strong

    The EasyNote XS is the perfect balance of functionality, connectivity and portability. It is powered by the VIA Ultra Mobility Platform which solves three challenges –size, cooling and power consumption – to bring PC-power to the EasyNote XS.

    The EasyNote XS also features up to 1024 MB of RAM and 30 GB hard drive. It runs the same full version of Windows XP Home Edition as a desktop PC does. This means the user has access to a full computing, entertainment and internet experience.

    The ultra-low power consumption of VIA Ultra Mobile Platform gives the Packard Bell XS extra-long battery life – over 3 hours with Wi-Fi on.

    XS = Xtra Small

    Slim and sleek the Packard Bell EasyNote XS tips the scales at under a kilo (950 grams) and is not much bigger than a paperback book. To protect it from nicks and scrapes it comes with a stylish, protective suede carrying case. Although it is small, it doesn’t skimp on user comfort; it comes with a full-size keyboard and 7-inch display.

    Availability & Pricing

    The Packard Bell EasyNote XS notebook is now available in European retail outlets. Availability and price vary according to country and models.
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