Paint Shop Pro 9 Referenced Memory Error

By janshim
Aug 6, 2008
  1. Referenced Memory Error | User Profile anomaly

    Hi. Prior to posting this message, I've read the thread that contains 14 pages of the same problems and none of the suggested fixes worked. Since the thread is closed, I thought I would start a new one which is specific to Paint Shop Pro 9.x and photoshop plugins.

    I started to get Referenced Memory errors just this year and honestly had never seen them before. After several repeatable instances with paint shop pro came IE6 where I would occasionally get it too. Then yesterday for the first time I got the same referenced memory error from Eudora Pro email (first time I got Gmail IMAP running). The error is triggered when I close Eudora just when it's in the middle of a routine IMAP folder sync. This problem with Eudora is fixed as I've removed IMAP altogether.

    It is the Paint Shop Pro 9 problem that is critical and I cannot afford to have PSP shutdown in the middle of post processing. I've attached a screen shot of the error and also Dr Watson and dmp file if/when you have the time to take a look.

    Many thanks.

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