PalmOS based gaming handheld

By Julio Franco
May 6, 2003
  1. Palm based gaming handheld

    Looks like Nokia won't be left alone this year to join Gameboy Advance league, Palm is expected to introduce its latest OS licensee today, a company called Tapwave is working on a portable gaming console based on the Palm OS.
    The device code-named Helix, is slated for a 4th quarter release and while will primarily act as a gaming console, it will also be able to synchronize with a PC and have organizer functions. Helix won't come as cheap as a Gameboy though, with an expected retail price of $300, the handheld would be twice as expensive as an X-Box or PS2 (considering upcoming price cuts), though the fact that it’ll double as a PDA is nice indeed.

    Helix, which will come with version 5.2 of the Palm OS, will have a built-in joystick and a color screen with a resolution of 320 by 480 pixels. It will also have built-in Bluetooth wireless support to allow people to participate in multiplayer games.

    Now, let’s remember games are what make a console worth it and in Tapwave's case no publisher agreements have been announced so far, they will definitely need more than DopeWars if they intend to attract serious gamers.
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