Pandora files lawsuit against ASCAP in search of lower licensing fees

Shawn Knight

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Pandora has filed a lawsuit against the American Society of Composers, Author and Publishers (ASCAP) in an effort to receive a lower licensing fee to use their music. The world's largest Internet radio service specifically asked a federal court in...

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Anybody know of a good analysis of the rift between ASCAP and these music publishers? Are the publishers RIAA members, or independents trying to reach fans more directly, the way so many new and mid-list performers have been doing these days? Is it maybe the RIAA is trying to hurt ASCAP? The latter has always acted like a kind of union, excluding aspiring new songwriters and limiting access to established ones, while the RIAA seems to concentrate everything filthy involving copyright law, what with its huge political presence, punitive control tactics, ripping off of artists, and so forth.

This dispute looks like it might reflect much deeper trends. Could be interesting but I haven't seen anything much about it. Got links, anyone?

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