By agi_shi
Sep 14, 2006
  1. I'm wanting to install one of my vista ISOs right now (I think it was called Beta 2 or something along the lines of that), but I have one not problem, but annoyance.

    To resize/delete and remake a partion I need to insert my xp cd, boot from it, wait for windows to load it's files, agree to the agreement, press escape, and then delete and remake a partion... It's getting boring.

    So is there an app that will delete partions for me and make new ones (JUST like the windows thing, but without having to shut off and boot off the cd)? Free?
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    go with acronis or paragon
    magic is for kiddies haha just kiddying
    watch out for vista uses a diff boot loader
    you may want to use a 3rd pary boot manager
    system commander not bad
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