Partition recoverers say yes, Windows XP says no: Windows not seeing partition

By nmfa
Sep 20, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    Had a power cut yesterday and when the PC rebooted Windows XP is not properly recognizing one of the partitions on one of the drives. In Explorer it gives "The disk in drive H is not formatted" and in the Disc Management section of Computer Management it says the partition is active and healthy but gives no file system (should be NTFS).

    So I think, the partition table got corrupted or similar. I've now tried both Testdisk and EaseUS and they both have no trouble identifying the partition, the file system and the files, the size and label, etc., etc., etc. So much so that neither give the option of recovery as it seems neither thinks there is anything to recover. And yet Windows XP still refuses to see anything but an unformatted partition.

    I'm stuck in no mans' land between the OS which is having a problem and the fixers which don't think there is. Now what?



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